Philadelphia Crash Map

Click here for the map.

This interactive webmap lets users investigate PennDOT’s crash data for the City of Philadelphia by vehicle type (including pedestrian), severity of injury, location, year, and primary cause of the collision.

Please note that the database only includes reported crashes on public rights of way that result in injury, death, or vehicular damage. Pedestrian and bicycle collisions are particularly under-reported. It is also worth noting that a filter that shows fatalities or serious injuries and the vehicle types of bicycle, pedestrian, or motorcycle corresponds quite well with fatalities or serious injuries to bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycles. By contrast, a map with the vehicle type of automobile will generally include bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle deaths. Automobiles and SUVs cause (regardless of fault) nearly all crash-related fatalities and serious injuries in Philadelphia.
Clicking on a datapoint provides additional information about the collision.
For some analysis of crash hotspots, see this Azavea blog post.

Many thanks to Chi Zhang (University of Pennsylvania) for putting together the webmap, Matt Glaser (Squonk Studios) for hosting the site, and Robert Cheetham (Azavea) for helpful suggestions to improve the user experience.

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